MRZ Official

MRZ is a women’s clothing brand mainly characterized by knitwear garments.
Founded by the Italian fashion designer Simona Marziali, who creates all the collections, MRZ combines elegance and comfort in a recognizable style that is understandable and approachable but always original and not ordinary.
MRZ is entirely produced in Italy using high-quality textiles, fine materials and the newest processing techniques according to the best tradition of the Made in Italy. Attention to detail, accurate selection of fabrics and technological innovation are its hallmarks. Each season offers a wide range of clothing in always luxurious, modern and refined collections.
The brand caters to an independent, dynamic, self-confident woman who loves to be elegant in her everyday life. She chooses the preciousness of MRZ clothes with sports features and clean lines suitable for day-to-day life and special occasions.

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